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There are many shelter's for cat's and dog's but only a few that can handel the larger domesticated animals, including but not limited to : Horse's, Mule's, Donkey's, Ponies, Mini's,Cows, Emu's, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, and Chicken's,

Our primary mission is ...
... to help any and all livestock.
We will not use any method that is not natural to or for the animal!
We use herbal remedies and never use anything inhumane!
We let the animal tell us what it can do and what it is willing to do.
All animals have their own potential and we use that to our advantage,and work with not against the animals natural hibits.
We feel that this is A better method in the all around rehabilitation of the animal.
The ANIMALS respond better if they THINK they are in charge.

Also we will ....
try to educate people as to the proper care for the animal. We will keep track of any progress with any adopted animals.


Since we are NOT government funded, non profit or tax deductable we are asking for help from people and/or companies that care.


If everyone who visits this site were to send just twenty dollars a week we could provide help for the animals that we have rescued or if we were to get fifty dollars we could rescue one or more animals a month from the slaughter auctions, and/or provide for the animals currently residing at the ranch.