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People and Homes ready for animals .... and animals waiting for homes.

 Trisha is looking for 2 trail horses.  She is located on 8 acers with a 5 stall barn in Show Low Arizona.   She can pick up the horses if necessary.


Kim is looking for a great horse to love.  She had worked at riding stables years ago, and owned a horse prior. She is just looking for a nice trail horse that can canter, trot & gallop or run occassionaly. And to teach her kids about horses as well.  And good with dogs too.


Dan is looking for a pleasure horse. The horse doesn't have to be a "looker"but confirmation is important. Most of his riding will be done in the mountains, western-pleasure stuff. He is  looking for a quarter horse type, 14.2 thru 16 hands, any breed.
hHe is  an experienced rider however, there is still so much he needs to learn.  The horse he buy will be the FIRST one he will own.


Rey  lives in Tucson Arizona.  He is looking for a great horse.


Mardty is in Tucson Arizona and is looking to give love to a great horse.  She would like to try entering some of the shorter distance
endurance rides with some of the members of County Line Riders of Catalina club - but that depends upon conditioning of the horse - as well as of her!  She is single, never been married and 63.

  How to help XS Ranch & Rescue ....
We are always in need of supplies.  When we place an animal we like to have a halter & lead to go with them.  When we have an animal here we could use feed and supplaments.  E-mail with anything you can do to help us. THANK YOU !!

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