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There have been a few changes over the last few months. The biggest change is our location, we are temporaraly in Buckeye Arizona. To make a long story short .... "divorce"! Anyone who has gone through this knows it can be complicated and bitter.

We are accepting applications for homes for the animals that are brought to our attention and need placement.  As a owner of an animal that needs to be placed contacts us we take a look at all applications and try to match the animal with a good home.   We check on the home prior to placement and try to meet with both parties.  We are doing this untill we can relocate and accept more animals, at our current location we are limited to the amount of animals we can care for.

 We do have a few foster homes for temporary shelter untill the animals new home can be found.

We will be looking for a sizeable place to relocat to over this year.  We look foreward to being back in full operation by the first of 2006.

XS Ranch and Rescue

Above photo was "COWBOY"
He showed us the inhumanity of humans BUT also showed us his forgiveness and lack of hate also! He only lived for 3 months after we got him from a backyard BUT they were 3 fantastic months. He held no grudges and everyone who came in contact with him realized he had such a personality and he did not deserve the treatment he was getting before he came here.
He is gone but not forgotten!!

Thank you


Please contact me with any suggestions or to get a list of rescues in your area